How to make your own lattes at home!

If you are like me, you probably enjoy a latte from Starbucks every once in awhile.  Heck, if they weren’t so expensive I’d have them more often, but seriously, who can afford to pay $5 every day for a latte or want to in that case? (That’s $1500 a year!!)

So I came up with my own way to enjoy Starbucks quality lattes in the comfort of my own home, and for WAY less $$! And it’s so EASY and FAST!!  Not to mention, my homemade ones are guilt free and not hundreds of calories, so I can enjoy them often!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Brewed coffee (make sure it’s strong) – espresso would work, but I don’t have a fancy machine, so strong coffee it is!
  2. Milk (I use 1%)
  3. Flavouring of your choice (Starbucks sells their syrups for about $12- similar to this syrup) and it makes a lot of lattes.  I sometimes just use a bit of sugar to sweeten it, or a scoop of hot chocolate for a “mocha”.

You will need a way to froth your milk – my hubby bought me this one and I absolutely love it!  It’s the perfect size for just making enough milk for one or two lattes.  You can also use a battery operated one like this, but I find they don’t froth up quite as nicely.

To make your latte, pour about 1/2 c milk into a microwave safe mug.  I warm my milk up on high for 1 min and 10 sec (you may find with your microwave that you’ll need a few more seconds or a few less.  You want the milk to be hot, but not too hot that it gets that yucky film on it!)  I did play around with the timing until I found the perfect amount.

Pour the hot milk into the frother and froth for 5-10 seconds until it starts to turn foamy.  You still want to be sure that you have milk in the bottom, and that it’s not all foam 🙂

Pour hot coffee into your favourite coffee mug and add the flavouring.  Fill the mug about half full.  If I use hot chocolate, I will mix that in now.  Pour the milk into the coffee.  Use a spoon to stop the foam from pouring in.  After you’ve poured the milk in, then put the foam on top.

Give it a little stir, and VOILA!  There you have it!  Your own latte, that you can enjoy while still in your PJ’s and have it made in less time than waiting in that long Starbucks line!  And don’t forget you’ve saved yourself over $1000 by making them yourself 😉 And they are perfect for pouring into your travel mug for a latte on the go an you don’t have to wait in any drive thru lines on the way to work!

homemade latte

At Christmas time, I use eggnog in place of the milk for a delicious eggnog latte! I have to say that this past Christmas a friend bought be a Starbucks eggnog latte and I liked my own even better!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!  Or let me know if you have favourite flavours I can try!

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