Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

It’s spring!! Yay! It definitely took its time coming this year, but I think it’s finally here to stay!

Spring is one of the two times in the year I actually get excited to clean my house (the other is January when I take my Christmas decorations down and like to start the new year off right 😉 ).

The fresh smell of the warm breeze (but still a bit crisp) coming into my house when I first crack the windows after a long winter of being shut tight, just makes me motivated to clean my house!

But, spring cleaning can seem like a huge undertaking since we somehow think we need to have our entire house sparkling and every dust bunny under the couch gone.

Those of you with kids at home (and even those of you without), will know that all of our great efforts to clean the house usually end in disaster just short hours (or sometimes minutes!) later.

So how can we get our houses feeling that “spring clean fresh” without spending an entire week cleaning our house?  Here are a few tips that I like to use to get my house ready for spring.

Before you even start cleaning:

  1. Open all the blinds in your house – by letting the sun shine in, your mood will be boosted and you’ll instantly feel energized to get cleaning!
  2. Crack a few windows – as I said earlier, there’s just nothing like the smell of fresh air in the house to make the house feel fresh itself.  No room spray or cleaning product can come close to the smell of good old fresh air!
  3. Turn on the tunes – have you ever noticed how much more productive you can be when cleaning to music?  It makes the job a bit more enjoyable when you can listen to music as you go about your tasks.
  4. Set a timer – if you know you only have to clean for 1 hour (or 2, or even 30 minutes), you can get so much more accomplished than just wondering around the house aimlessly looking for the next “job”.  I’m always amazed at how quickly my hubby can tidy the house, get a load of laundry in, get lunches made, all while I’m up bathing the kids and reading stories.  He says he’s “just efficient”.  I guess he looks at it like a quick job and stays on task and just gets it done!

Now you’re ready to start cleaning – and hopefully you’re in the mood to clean (as much as possible anyway!)

These tips for spring cleaning are assuming you have already done the “daily chores” and are the little extras to help your house have more of that deep clean feel.

  1. Strip the beds and freshen the sheets – I usually start with throwing a load of laundry in. That way it will be ready for the dryer when you’ve done a few other jobs and you can even get a couple loads finished.
  2. Vacuum and steam mop – clean floors make the whole  house feel clean!
  3. Wash SOME windows- I take a few minutes to wash the glass panels we have on our doors (kids and a dog = a disgusting mess) then I do the kitchen windows since we look out of them all the time and the ones around our eating area.  The rest can wait until some time during the summer when I have nothing else to do 😛 haha
  4. Dust – grab a damp cloth and a dry one and go around dusting shelves, tables, and dressers.
  5. Wipe down appliances – when’s the last time the microwave was wiped out?? 😐
  6. Get the kids involved and have them clean up their rooms you so you can vacuum those as well.  My kids usually start helping then find something to play with while I end up finishing the tidying.  Sound familiar?  If I’m feeling really motivated, I’ll rearrange their rooms so they feel like new rooms, and this helps keep them tidy a bit longer than usual 🙂

That wasn’t so bad was it?!  To top it off, treat yourself to some fresh spring flowers to add to the kitchen counter.  I always tell myself I should do this monthly because nothing beats fresh flowers in the house, but I am yet to do this. They sure look pretty though!

Now, sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of a clean house!  Don’t you just love your house like that?  If only it could stay that way all the time! haha Who am I kidding?  I don’t think there’s such thing as a perfectly clean house all the time, so I’ll just enjoy it when it does happen!

I hope you use a few of these tips this spring to really enjoy your house the way it’s meant to be enjoyed!


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